Perry Bear Goes For A Walk – Perry Bear Books

I wrote Perry Bear Goes For A Walk a few years ago for my son. My thought at the time was to just write a story for him, find someone to do some simple artwork for the picture book and find someway to get it into print form. It was a project of love for him and to give him something to remember. The actual story didn’t take long to put together. I went through a few edits to get it to flow and sound right and made sure I had a theme in there that he could learn with. I focused on colors, counting and helping friends. At the time he was just starting to pick up reading.

So the project was started and I had to find someone to do the art work. At the time I was going through the Long Ridge Writer’s Group novel writing course. So I submitted a “looking for” to the news letter. I had a few people send me some samples. I selected Jann Wakyama. We sent some emails back and forth talking about the project and she did some test runs on Perry. She did an amazing job and I’m thankful she worked with me while we worked out the pictures.

So off we went on it. A few months later and many hours in Adobe formatting and exchanging emails we finally had Perry in the correct format for Createspace and it was submitted. After a few adjustments and passing muster the proof copy was ordered and arrived at my door. I was floored. It came out better that I had imagined. I had a book.

I ordered some copies and shared them with friends, family and co-workers. The response was amazing.

Jayven in the meantime was enjoying his book. It became a night time ritual to read the book, with his picture in it, 3 or 4 times before he was ready for bed. Not to mention a few times before bed time.

People kept asking when the next one was coming out. Even now I get the same question. People like Perry Bear. Kids that have read it ask to read it over and over. I’ve even had a child in his school stop me in the hall and tell me they read the book and really liked it.

Right now you can find Perry Bear Goes for a walk on Amazon (world wide) both in print and as an e-book for Kindle. You can also find the e-book at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, SONY and a host of other places.

So more Perry Bear Books are going to be on the way soon. Where are Perry Bear’s adventures going to take him? Is he going to meet new friends? You’ll have to wait and see.