Writer’s Weekly Spring 24hr Contest – Honorable Mention

Love writing for this contest. For those not familiar with it you enter the contest ahead of time. At Noon central time on saturday of the contest weekend you get the theme and the word count. You have to submit your story by noon central time on Sunday. Hence the name 24 hour contest.

The pressure to write the story in such a short time is awesome. Working hard to make every word count is killer. The wait for the results is probably the worse part.

I’ve entered this contest a few times. I won 2nd place once and had a few honorable mentions.

This spring’s contest was another honorable mention. ┬áSo it wasn’t an outright win but an honorable mention I will take.

Spring 2016 Winners – WritersWeekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest

If you’re interested in seeing what I wrote please let me know in the comments. Maybe I’ll post it here.

Michael tells all… almost

Packed a lot into just about 1000 words tonight. Just having difficulty with focus but Michael and Miranda are handling it just fine.

Michael has begun to tell her more about the valley and the house. How people will only find the valley when they’re ready. He’s telling Miranda about his past and reveals his feelings for her. She believes him but knows he’s still holding back. He skirted some questions but she didn’t want to drill him. She wanted him to speak to her freely and knows he’ll tell her about the mysteries of this place, and him, when he’s ready. ┬áBits and pieces, small steps.

They kiss for the first time…

#amwriting Good 90 minutes of #writing tonight.

Good #writing night. 1500ish words on Michael and Miranda in a couple hours. She knows things aren’t quite normal with him but can’t figure him out. He’s perfect but too perfect. The strangeness of the valley, the house in the woods, the looking perfect but not quite right. Lots of questions and vague answers. Now she has to decide if she’s going back or not. #amwriting

#amwriting Michael and Miranda and Jason 1st draft

Jason and his 7 have made first draft status. Now they get to relax for a bit. They clocked in just under 12,000 words. I’m sure after editing and rewrites they top that. My lovely wife will be ruthless with the edits and input but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe some snip-its will show up here for your entertainment.

Now on to Michael and Miranda. This story started with 3 simple things from my wife – character age, sex and college course. It started as a verbal, on the fly story while we lay in bed and is now turning into quite the story. If it goes as expected it will probably turn into a two or three book series. This one will be a romantic fantasy. SO keep your eyes peeled! I’ll keep updates coming and maybe a snip-it here and there as well.