How I Raised Over k in 30-Days To Write My Book (Crowdfunding Tips & Tricks)

How I Raised Over k in 30-Days To Write My Book (Crowdfunding Tips & Tricks)

You don’t need an agent or a publisher to make your new book a success. You can use the power of the crowd to pre-fund your book and create your own virtual signing bonus. That’s what I did. I raised over k in 30-days for my new book series. Want to know how to do it? That’s what this book is all about.

I know what struggles you have as an aspiring author. One of the biggest ones is book marketing, and selling books. I’ve written this book to help give you an easy way to solve those problems. In this book I take you step-by-step through how I did it myself, and show you how you can do it as well.

Who is this book for?

* Anyone who has ever thought of writing a book or had the idea for a book, on any topic, in any niche

* Anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the agents and big publishers and wants to have control to do it themselves

* Anyone who wants to make money selling books before they even put pen to paper

You know there’s a better way to publish books. This is it. Take this simple, easy-to-follow strategy and make it a reality.

What’s in the book?

* Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own crowdfunding or “pre-funding” campaign

* Including details on how to set up your funding campaign and landing page

* Advice on how to build your own platform you can use to drive awareness for your book

* Tools and resources you can use to create your pre-funding campaign

It’s all here. I’ve taken my entire experience of pre-funding my own books to the tune of over k and put it into this book for you to read and follow and do yourself! The best part is, anyone can do this.

List Price: $5.99
Price: $5.99

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